Empower Yourself With Heels Dance


Have you always wanted to take a heels class but thought you weren't ready to?!

Learn the fundamentals of heels dance from the comfort of your own home!

After our 5 weeks together, I promise that you will feel confident enough to walk into any beginner heels class and own it!

Hi I'm Shaka Lee

I've been a natural mover since I was a child and I didn't start training in dance until I was an adult. I got a taste of sensual dancing as a go-go dancer, dancing all over Toronto. But when I took my first heels class in 2015, my life changed forever.

I knew that this style of dance was different than anything I had ever tried. Watching the women in class grow their self-esteem, become more confident and support each other was absolutely magical. I had never witnessed anything like it.

And I knew that other women needed this too.

And I'm here to tell you that you don't need to be a professional dancer to receive the benefits of heels dance.

In This Course You Will:

  • learn to walk sensually in your heels
  • learn the 5 fundamental moves you need to know for every heels class
  • learn a 1 minute piece of choreography broken down into 4 classes
  • get a full-body warmup and stretch video before each class
  • learn how to shoot and submit a video of you performing this choreography


The Right vs Wrong Heels for class

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Example Curriculum

First Lesson Drops On June 7

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The ABCs of Heels

Learn 5 Fundamental Moves + 1 Choreography

All videos are downloadable for you to keep forever. Course expires on Dec 31 2021.

2 payments of $50/month

The ABCs of Heels

Learn 5 Fundamental Moves & 1 Choreography

All videos are downloadable for you to keep forever. Course expires on Dec 31 2021.


Q. Does this choreography have any floorwork?

A. There is no floorwork in this entire course.

Q. What level is this for?

A. This is best for you if you:

  • have never taken a heels class before
  • have found that beginner heels classes are too challenging for you
  • are at a beginner/intermediate level, but want to brush up on the basics

Q. How long will we have access to this course?

A. The course will be available through this platform until Dec 31 2021. But each of the videos are downloadable for you to keep forever.

Q. Do I have to wear heels?

A. I encourage you to try to wear heels, however, it is completely up to you. If you are injured, don't have access to the right heels for dance, or your floors are not suitable for heels, then please don't wear them. Some of the moves will be more challenging without heels, but they are absolutely attainable.

Included In This Course:

Full Body Stretch and Warm Up
Full Body Stretch and Warm Up

Every week go through the same guided warmup designed to strengthen and stretch your body so that you avoid injuries while you are dancing.

Learn 5 Fundamental Moves
Learn 5 Fundamental Moves

You will get detailed videos on 5 of the most important fundamentals moves for heels dancers with expert instruction.


I share with you my personal picks for the types of shoes you should use for heels dance, and which ones to avoid! I also give you my Burju Shoes 25% off code.

Plus a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't enjoying this course after the first 7-days, I'll give you your money back.